“Looking for a dimmer switch on technology”

One of goal of Slow Media is to help subvert false or binary choices about digital media use. However, the larger problem is whether individuals still have any choice. Generation X might have been the last for whom decisions about how, when, or if to use digital media remained a matter of personal preference. Our choices regarding technology have narrowed decisively: do we opt to use digital devices all of the time, or most of the time?

At the individual level, many Post- Luddites are just looking for a dimmer switch on technology; they don’t want to leave the light on full-blast. (Much the same is true of Slow Media advocates; they just don’t want to go full-speed all the time.) At the collective level, Post-Luddites ponder why that light shines on certain things instead of others and whether the light should be powered by new sources—not only renewable energy, but also democratic decision-making.

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