Audio Stories about Slowness

I’ve produced three audio stories about Slow Media for Medium: talking about what it’s like to live offline, why I heart print and analog media, and how smartphone bans boost learning. Click on the “M” to listen.

Here’s an American Public Media/National Public Radio story about Slow Media on “Marketplace,”  hosted by Kai Ryssdal, produced by Sally Herships. Interviews with Jennifer Rauch, Nick Jones, Tom Jackson, Eric Bradow.

Here’s a Radio National/Australian Broadcasting Corp. story about the Slow movement on “Future Tense,” hosted by Antony Funnell, produced by Andrew Davies. Interviews with Geoff Hudson, Paul Payten, Hank Herrera, Jennifer Rauch, Carl Honoré.

Video Stories about Slowness

Rob Orchard, publisher of Delayed Gratification magazine, talks at TEDxMadrid about how Slow Journalism is bringing you better news.

Italian filmmakers are making a documentary about the Slow News movement, due for release in 2019. The film features Polk-Award-winning journalist Peter Laufer, author of Slow News: A Manifesto for the Critical News Consumer. Here’s a preview.

I shared my experience in unplugging from cellphones and social media with host Marc Lamont Hill and actor Michael Chiklis (The Shield!) on HuffPost Live.

Monocle publisher Tyler Brûlé talks about the virtues of Slow Media at a Digital Life Design conference in Munich.

The Annenberg School at University of Southern California hosted a conference about Slow Journalism, sponsored by Getty Arts Journalism. Featuring Douglas McLellan (ArtsJournal), Peter Sellars (theater director), Josh Viertel (Slow Food USA), Mister Jalopy (Makers’ Bill of Rights) and Naka Nathaniel (New York Times).

Here’s a video story about Slow News by Agence France Press, discussing French magazines “XXI” and “Six Mois.”

Why is Slow News a “leisurely revolution”? Professor Peter Laufer of the University of Oregon explains — in conversation with Rob Orchard of the Slow Journalism Company, Alberto Puliafito of Blogo, and Antonio Talia of long-form publisher Informant — at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.