The Slow Media Project Got Harder


A view of my iGoogle home page on my new all-in-one iMac (left) versus the same page on my old Dell laptop (right).


Maybe I don't like digital media. Then again, maybe I just didn't like MY digital media.

Readers of this blog have already laid eyes upon the device I carry that passes for a cellphone, which will no longer enable the "walk-and-talk" or receive unsolicited texts once I start the Slow Media Project next month and replace it with a landline.

What you might not know is that last year, when I hatched this plan of going offline, I was using the crummy laptop pictured above as my primary computer. It's a miracle I got anything done on that thing, yet alone five years of work, including the vast majority of my dissertation.

Behold, however, my shiny new computer: a 24-inch iMac with beautiful resolution, a wireless mouse and 1TB of memory. I will miss it dearly — including, but not limited to, the Netflix that it beams into my home (soon to be replaced with basic cable).

People are usually surprised to hear that I do in fact love many aspects of digital media. But really, wouldn't the project be uninteresting if I hated the Internet? Then there would be no challenge, no sacrifice. It would be like me giving up sardines or pickles for Lent.

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