Technophiles and technophobes

In the Mass Media & Culture class, we've been talking about different theories about and attitudes toward the role of media technologies in our culture. This week, we read some chapters from Neil Postman's book "Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology." (The subtitle says it all!) In the comments posted below, students are giving their perspective on the concepts of technophilia and technophobia, in three parts: 

– Do you consider Postman to be a technophobe or a technophile? Why?

– In what ways do you agree or disagree with his views?

– Which of these terms best describes you? Give some examples.


  1. In my opinion, Postman is a Technophobe mainly because he gives more cons than pros about digital-media.
    I agree with him in some of his point of views such as him saying, “The submissions of all forms of cultural life to the sovereignty of technique and technology.” Meaning that technology captivates and changes everything about our culture, which is true but as time goes on I think technology should enhance to or we will never grow as a society.
    I am a “Technophilia” because I love technology and it allows me to think differently. it helps me to learn new things, and it also helps me to have a broader mind.

  2. 1. I would consider Postman to be a technophobe because he puts forward many ideas that make technology seem like its making things too easy for us. for example Postman stated that traditions are being lost with the addition of a variety of technological items in out lives.
    2. I would have to both agree and disagree with the points that Postman makes. I do believe that some traditions can be lost from generation to generation and that the influence of technology is so great that we are essentially being controlled by it. On the other hand, for those who are not familiar with new and innovative technology they just get lost and it becomes a more frustrating and irritating process of learning than ease of use.
    3. I would say that I am a Technophile because I have grown up in an era that is all about technology so it is easy for me to figure out how things work. I can take in new information quickly to share with others and I am even able to teach others what I know. Technology does make things a lot easier for me.

  3. I feel that Postman raises major points in the subject of technology. On print culture he talks of print and television stating that the printed word emphasizes logic, sequence, history and so on while Television emphasizes imagery, narrative, presentness and so on. I would have to consider myself a technophilia because i feel that new technology will pave the way to future new and improved gadgets that will essentially make our lives convenient.

  4. Postman seems to be technophobe who wants to embrace new technology but is afraid of the consequences. He feels that some of our humanity or our culture is lost when we embrace new technology.
    I don’t agree with his views because he comes across as a person who is afraid to embrace new technology. His references to ancient philosophers betrays his point. I understand his argument but I believe that Socrates and Plato would have blog sites if they were with us today.
    I consider myself to be a technophile. I love new technology that makes my life easier and more fun.

  5. I consider Postman to be a Technophile, who is just aware of media’s ability to take charge of society. It’s not that he is not for technology, but he is just aware of its ability to change ever so often.I agree with his view of technology being unpredictable. Today, most of our lives are run by technology, and we never know when everything we depend on will just crash. There are constantly new gadgets, and forms of technology unveiling to the public. Although this may be an advancement, it can also make some old technology become obsolete.

  6. I am consider to be both, a technophobe and a technophile. The reason for this is because I love technology, but don’t get me wrong because I consider technology to also be miss used by some people. Technology is great because it gives people what ever information they sick. However it is also bad because if all of this informations were to fall in the hands of a child like 13 years old or younger it would be extremely damaging. The reason for this is because they don’t have enough enough experience in life and there are too gullible even if they don’t want to be. If parents let their child online they should be prepared for the consequences and not be surprise with some of their child’s reactions and actions. If you are an adult and find your self at times addicted to the computer just imagine how a child can feel.

  7. Neil Postman is neither a technophile nor a technohobe. His position lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Technology came about so quickly in America, the nation is so overwhelmed by it. We don’t know enough about it to understand how to use it to our advantage. Postman believes that Americans are not benefitting from technologies as much as we should be. He knows that it can be a very good and useful thing with the proper understanding. He wants us to be able to use it without allowing it to use us.
    I think that Postman is a little harsh, but he has the right idea. It is true that the internet and television is overrated and often misused. I can’t watch a thirty minute television show without at least ten minutes of commercials. These commercials more often than not promote things that are not beneficial to our society (i.e. beer). sometimes, however, technology is very beneficial. I love watching the history and discovery channels, and they happen to be extremely educational. I also use facebook a lot to keep in close contact with friends back home or that are in other countries. What better way to use technology than to develop and maintain friendships?
    I would consider myself more of a technophile than a technophobe, because I know how important technology is to our society. I can’t even imagine how difficult life must have been like before the printing press. Now, I can buy all the books I can read, or at least check them out at the library. Because of this, I am more educated. I know more about the world. I welcome technology into our culture because if it has done nothing else, it has helped to educate us.

  8. I think Postman is more on the side of a technophobe. He seems to believe that technology will only keep growing and that the benefits of having technology aren’t enough to outweigh the burdens it can bring. He thinks that everyone will be enthusiastic about technological benefits but thinks that the changes that technology brings can be too unpredictable.
    I disagree more than agree with the fact that the unpredictability of technology is a problem. I don’t think that technology is much of a burden for how much of a blessing it is. Technology is creating new opportunities for people that we never had before.
    I think I am more neutral on the subject of technophobes and technophiles. But I don’t consider myself to have any fears of what it can bring. I do like what technology has created but I don’t see myself addicted to it either.

  9. I consider Postman to be a technophobe. i think that he is a technophobe because he is not completely for technology. I think that some of his views did not support technology and all the different aspects of it. I agree with Postman and some of his views which stated that tools play a central role in culture and that tools are not integrated into the culture. I agree with that because I believe that many people incorporate tools into their culture and everyday living but I don’t think that they were integrated into the culture.
    I think that I am a technophile because I do support technology and I use and incorporate technology in my life everyday such as using the computer, phone and television.

  10. I can consider Postman to be a technophobe. He says that technology can be a friend but a “dangerous enemy” and that it changes the shape of our world and how we view it. I agree with Postman in that it will definitely change but I feel it is something that we can control. It is up to our own decision on how we use technology instead of being used by it. I can say I am a technophile because I often turn to technology for all kinds of information. Technology has grown since and these days it has made life easier, making it more convenient as a form of communication where we can all come together, gain knowledge, and share information and ideas.

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