You don’t have to go live in the woods (unless you want to)

What can you do to further the cause of Slow Media, as a citizen, student, colleague, and consumer?

  • Just make time for enjoying print and analog media, as well as unmediated experiences.
  • Experiment with vintage techniques that will stretch and exercise your brain, like Slow Reading, Slow Listening, keeping a paper journal, or navigating by map.
  • Be mindful about the email you send, check messages less frequently, and turn off alerts to the extent possible.
  • Develop habits like breathing, monotasking, and taking breaks whenever you use fast media.
  • Set some parameters for building Slow intervals into your schedule, even for a few hours.
  • Practice empathy for people whose media habits, schedules, lifestyles, and tempos might differ from your own.

That’s the easy part. Then there’s becoming a green media consumer and citizen, which means recognizing that media use and production involves limits and that planetary resources are finite.

  • Resist buying media that you don’t need and reuse what you can.
  • Consume media products and services from companies that follow sustainable practices.
  • Support people who produce magazines, journalism, films, websites, and other media products in ethical ways.
  • Dispose of digital devices responsibly.
  • Learn some basics of environmental science and become comfortable with a new vocabulary of consumption.
  • Get familiar with processes that take place invisibly behind your screens.
  • Do some research, using resources like Greenpeace’s Click Clean Reports and GoodElectronics’ website.

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